Zinc Chloride

Zinc Chloride

Hindustan Chemical Udyog  is a major manufacturer and supplier of Zinc Chloride in various solutions and in the solid (granular) form. Our Zinc Chloride is a high purity, multi application chemical that is available in a complete range of strengths. Zinc chloride has a variety of uses including flux manufacture, water treatment and as an electrolyte in battery manufacture. Zinc chloride is also used in zinc plating, rubber and fiber vulcanization and for textile finishing.

Hindustan Zinc Chloride is available in a variety of standard solutions in both high purity and technical grades. The standard Zinc Chloride strengths are:

75% (a.k.a. 75 degree)

80%  (a.k.a. 80 degree)

82%  (a.k.a. 82 degree)

85%  (a.k.a. 85 degree)

Hindustan can readily customize Zinc Chloride concentrations to meet individual customer requirements. Our Zinc Chloride solutions are packed in 55 kg HDPE Bags.