Water Flux

Water Flux

This flux has been developed to use for operation, in place of Zinc Chloride, Ammonium Chloride which provides excellent saving of zinc due to its special aeditives.

Physical Data :
Colour & appearance : White Crystalline
Solubility in water : 100%
PH of 30% solution : 4 to 4.5

Composition :
Zinc Chloride
Ammonium Chloride
Additives (Aproximately 10%)

Application :
The flux is to be applied by dip method after picking operation to prevent oxidation of steel before it enters in to Zinc bath.
For Galvanizing dry or wet process, the specific gravity of the flux solution is to be maintained between 1.15 to 1.20.
For 10,000 liters of flux nearly 3000 kg, of flux is to added to 8,000 liters of water and the volume becomes nearly 10,000 liters.

Advantages :
1. The Flux is manufactured from pure chemicals at optimum ratios which gives excellent fluxing fluxing property. The flux is free from iron impurities.
2. The flux got better ant-oxidant property i.e. the fluxed steel don’t get.
3. Corroded for at least few hours, the life of the fluxed steel is far better than conventional Zinc chloride Flux, Hence rejection can be eliminated.
4. The flux forms a very uniform coating on the steel providing good wet ability of zinc while galvanizing.
5. The fast drying agents help faster production even during mansoon season, Hence spurting can be eliminated.
6. The flux additives reduce zinc Ash formation which gives saving of zinc.
7. The new additive added in the flux stops the reaction of aluminium oxide which normally forms volatile aluminium chloride.
8. Special additives added in the flux allows free iron to settle down at the bottom at a faster tares, which reduces dross formation.

Life of Flux :
Once the flux is prepared it can be used continuously and is only to be cleaned once in 2 to three months and only fresh addition of flux chemicals is to be made as and when required.

Flux Composition Maintenance
The Pre Flux solution may be approximately controlled by addition of flux chemicals as water is added to make up for drag-out in practice, it is advisable to measure the specific gravity of the freshly made up solution and to make addition of flux chemicals as necessary to maintain this as a guide, a concentration of 200 gm Flux/ litre water gives a solution of specific gravity about 1.10 (20TW).
It may some times be desirable to check the free acid content, particularly if rising is not very through and pickling acidis carried over.Titration with N/2 sodium carbonate is recommended (as for control of pickle solutions).The actual titration is made directly in to a 100 ml sample of pre Flux solution as the acid concentration is much lower.The free acid content in G/L HCL is then obtained by multiplying the titration result (ml) by 1.1825.When no more then 2gl of free acid present,is should be neutralized by adding ammonia solution of Zinc Slab.

The consumption of Flux in water is nearly same conventional zinc chloride and ammonium chloride.The approximate consumption as below 1Kg.per ton of Galvanizing material.Hence it is very economice.

Our flux in water can be added to the exiting Zinc,Amonium chloride,Pre Flux bath However for better results.We advise to usa a freshy prepared flux water solution.

Packing: 50 kg.