Liquid Flux

Liquid Flux

Liquid Flux is a wet flux which reduces evolution of fumes by forming an active foam blanket on the top of molten zinc bath. The flux is highly stable at galvanizing temperature. Chemically active flux blanket on the top of zinc bath has got a special property to effectively remove impurities like oxide, sulphates, chlorides & sulphides for the clean & pickled CRC coil for trouble free iron zinc reaction and also prevent oxidation of the activated CRC sheet.

 Apart from removing impurities from the top of the flux blanket also has the ability to keep the portion of the surface of the zinc bath trough which steel is immersed, free from oxides.

 The liquid flux also reduces the zinc splatters on the kettle, gives excellent fluxing upon kettle exit and hence produce a bright zinc deposit.

 Moreover, Liquid flux is formulated with purest quality of ingredients to minimize heavy metallic impurities content as well as content of insoluble matters. SPECIFICATION Zinc Chloride 42-45% min ZINC – 370 gms/ Ltr (Min). Fe: less than or 10 ppm max Ammonium Chloride : 3-5% Sodium Chloride : 9.5 – 10.5% max Any other contents : 1 ppm max Specific gravity : 1.6 to 1.8 max Ph 2.5 to 3