Flux Additive

Flux Additive

HINDUSTAN Flux Additive is a versatile additive for improving the fluxing properties of zinc ammonium chloride by reducing the amount of flux needed and sealing the fluxed steel better reducing dross formation in the kettle. Flux suppliers often set rates of flux usage in the range of 360 – 480 gm/L ( 3 to 4 lbs/gal) of zinc ammonium chloride. A preflux which contains the right amount and kind of wetting system can easily operate in a 180 to 300 gm/L ( 1-1/2 to 2 lbs/gal) range without reducing the effectiveness of the flux. HINDUSTAN Flux Additive gives you that savings.

For example, a preflux tank of 35,768 L (9450 gal) using flux at a rate of 360 gm/L ( 3 lbs/gal) would carry a standard inventory in that tank of 12,875 Kg (28,350 lbs) of zinc ammonium chloride. The same tank using the HINDUSTAN Flux Additive would operate at 240 gm/L and would require 8,584 Kg (18,900 lbs) of flux.

Aside from a better, less costly flux the HINDUSTAN Flux Additive will help seal the surface of the steel completely. Zinc ammonium chloride dries with a crystalline pattern, wetted zinc ammonium chloride may be half film, half crystalline. The HINDUSTAN Flux Additives dries to a simple film which protects and seals the fluxed steel. Because you have an improved fluxing action and a thinner lighter film the flux dries faster and the dryer the article the quieter it will enter the kettle. Less zinc is splattered about. The tight seal prevents excessive oxidation between the flux and kettle. Less iron is put into the kettle and dross formation is cut. Customers have experienced dross reductions as high as 15% when using this additive.